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Meetings of the board of the company are responsible meetings of high managers, during which key issues in the life of the enterprise are resolved. At such meetings, the vector of the company’s development is chosen, the annual work plan of the enterprise is adopted, and severe but minor issues are resolved.

In this article, you will learn how to run effective meetings and capture all the essential points with the help of the Board Portal Software.

Best Board Portal Software for Small, Medium, and Large Enterprises

To your attention is a list of the most relevant and multifunctional services that help managers conduct meaningful meetings and record their every step by the rules.


This application has relatively high ratings according to different reviewer resources. BoardMaps lets you manage meetings before, during, and after sessions. With the program’s help, it is convenient to raise any issues at the conference and discuss them, fixing the results in the minutes. You can try the product for free and choose the best tariff for your company. The company notifies about prices at the request of potential customers.


A powerful software that combines data room and executive meeting software. Here you can organize meetings, create a plan, vote, and approve a resolution. In addition, you can store arrays of your company’s data in the program’s memory, giving employees different levels of access to files. As a result, the program has earned great respect among medium and large businesses.


The portal is designed for medium and large companies; more than 23,000 enterprises already use it. With the help of Diligent, you can create meetings for company managers and conduct training seminars. The program is actively used in the areas of healthcare, energy, education, law, as well as for non-profit organizations. It also can store data in a virtual room.


The product was developed by Nasdaq and is aimed at meeting the needs of managers who constantly have to adapt to the growing needs of the business. Here you can hold online meetings with colleagues, sign contracts, create votes, and approve resolutions. Boardvantage can also act as a data room, keeping your files secure.

How to have a constructive meeting

In every meeting, there are two things that the facilitator needs to manage. First, there is a subject of the discussion, a specific issue that needs to be resolved, agreed upon, or brought to the participants’ attention. And there are relationships between people – participants in the meeting.

In general, the rules for effective meetings can be summarized as follows:

  • Set a specific goal – why you are holding the meeting. Be sure to check if this goal can actually be achieved through a session.
  • Determine what meeting techniques you will use to achieve this goal.
  • Set a meeting time and ensure that it starts and ends on time.
  • Regardless of the purpose of the meeting, be sure to leave time for participants to ask questions and express their views.

Determine the performance limit of the participants, including your limit. For example, speeches that take more than seven minutes are not allowed, even if the leader takes the floor.

Following these principles and using the Board Portal Software, you can save all the details of the meeting and make it as constructive as possible.